Judge Willard H. A. Pike

W. H. A. Pike was born in York County, Maine, January 24, 1854. His forbears came to America before the Revolutionary War. He was educated at Oxford Military Academy and Bowdoin College, Maine and studied law with...
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Judge John S. Orr

John S. Orr was born in Guernsey County, Ohio, July 29, 1856. His father, John P. Orr, was an attorney and moved from Ohio to Missouri with his family when John S. was seventeen years old. Young John was educated ...
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Judge Thomas F. Moran

Thomas F. Moran was born in Crew County, Ireland in 1868 and came to the United States when he was 18 years old. He worked in a machine shop in Cleveland, Ohio as an apprentice. While working there he learned the Morse Code...
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Judge Cole L. Harwood

Cole L. Harwood was born in Wisconsin January 28, 1866. He was educated in the public schools of Michigan and the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor). In 1889 he began law practice in Texas, remaining...
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Judge Arthur N. Salisbury

(1914 to finish term of Judge Harwood)
Arthur Nelson Salisbury was born April 28, 1879 at Pleasant Grove, Sutter County, California. He graduated from Sacramento High School and Hastings Law College of San Francisco (1902) and was admitted to the bar in...
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Judge Richard C. Stoddard

Residence, 821 Riverside Avenue; office, Gazette Building, Reno. Born September 3, 1876, in Reno, Nevada. Son of Charles H. and Cora (Cross) Stoddard. Married February, 1911, to Alice Riegel. Educated in the public schools...
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Judge George A. Bartlett

George Arthur Bartlett was born in San Francisco, California, November 30, 1869. He was brought by his parents to Eureka, Nevada when an infant and grew up in that town. He was educated in the Eureka schools and later...
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Judge Edward F. Lunsford

Edward Francis Lunsford was born in Corning, Tehama County, California on January 12, 1884; when he was five years old his family moved to New York City but after two years returned to California and settled in Marysville...
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Judge Antonio J. Maestretti

Antonio Joseph Maestretti was born at his father's Smith Creek Ranch in Lander County on May 2, 1872. He was educated in the Austin schools (and once taught for a year there) and at Heald's Business College in...
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Judge William McKnight

William McKnight was born on the McKnight family ranch near Hamilton, White Pine County, Nevada, February 9th, 1894. As a youth he worked as rancher, stage driver, and copper miner at Ruth. He registered at the...
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Second Judicial District Court
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