William M. Boardman



W.M. Boardman came to Washoe County, Nevada from New York in 1865. He was appointed County Superintendent of Schools in 1866 and served to 1868; was District Attorney of Washoe County from 1870 to 1874; State Senator from Washoe County 1877 to 1879; elected Judge of the 7th District 1883 and served to 1886. The Directory of Washoe County for 1873-74 lists him as a member of the law firm of Boardman & Harris, Reno, with offices in the Court House, his residence "S. of Court House on Virginia Street." The 1875 Directory shows him as W. M. Boardman, Attorney, residence S. Virginia, offices Odd Fellows Building. The 1879 directory lists Boardman & Varian, and 1881 and 1887 lists him as W. M. Boardman, Attorney.

Second Judicial District Court
75 Court St.
Reno, Nevada, 89501