Electronic Filing

Electronic Filing Information

E-filers are reminded that submissions received after 4:30 p.m. or on weekends and holidays will not be reviewed until the next business day. If the submission is approved, the file stamp will reflect the date and time the filing was electronically submitted by the e-filer.

Electronic Filing Account Options


  • No fee per transaction at this time
  • Only access to case in which a person is an active party or an attorney of record
  • Electronic Service
  • Standard User Agreement


  • $300.00 fee per year - unlimited transactions
  • Global Case View: access to all public documents on all public cases
  • Electronic Service
  • Fee not waivable by Judges
  • Subscription User Agreement


  • Standard accounts will now expire every two years. Please follow the 'Account Renewal' instructions above.

Administrative Orders

Administrative Order regarding Matter of Electronic Filing Rules - Administrative Order 2007-03
Administrative Order regarding Computation of Time to Respond - Administrative Order 2013-03
Administrative Order regarding Mandatory Electronic Filing - Administrative Order 2015-08
Administrative Order regarding Mandatory Electronic Filing of Civil Cases - Administrative Order 2016-05
Administrative Order regarding Mandatory Electronic Filing of All Cases - Administrative Order 2018-12

Expired Accounts

Please note that if your e-file account is expired you will NO longer be able to access document images, or receive email notifications from eFlex, until your account is renewed.

Training and New Accounts

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