Jury Commissioner's Office

Jury Duty Scam Alert

Please be aware that an identity theft scam has surfaced in many states, Nevada being one of them.

Someone calls and claims to be a jury coordinator and states you are in violation for not appearing for jury service and an arrest warrant has been issued. When the citizen protests that they never received a summons for jury duty the scammer asks for your social security number and date of birth to verify your information so they can cancel the arrest warrant. DO NOT GIVE OUT THIS INFORMATION!! Once you provide this information they have the ability to steal your identity.

In Washoe County you will receive a jury summons, it is a questionnaire, you are asked to complete it and return it in an envelope provided by the Jury Commissioner's Office. If you are ever unsure if a summons is authentic, please call the Jury Commissioner's Office at 775-328-3153, we can verify you are being summoned for jury duty by a six digit number on the jury summons itself.

Please be aware we are a state level court, there is also United States District Court, which is Federal Court, and you can be summoned to that court for jury duty also.