Jury Commissioner's Office

Frequently Asked Questions

How did my name get on the jury list?

The Jury Office master list is a compilation of records from the Department of Motor Vehicles, public utility, and voter's registration.

Your driver's license does not indicate if you are a convicted felon or if you are not a citizen, please indicate that information on your questionnaire.

Do I have to serve even if I do not want to?

Unless you have a legal exemption per NRS 6.020 or disqualification per NRS 6.010, you must appear for jury service. Jury service is an obligation as well as a right of every United States citizen.

What if I am self-employed, a single parent or work for tips?

Any hardship, financial or personal, may be stated to the court. The Jury Commissioner's Office does not have the authority to release potential jurors for hardships.

How should I dress?

Juror attire should reflect the dignity and professionalism of the court. Please do not wear shorts, tank tops or sweat pants. Sweatshirts or tee shirts with any offensive pictures or statements printed on them should not be worn to court.

The temperature of the courtrooms may fluctuate. Jurors are encouraged to dress accordingly.

What kind of hours will I be there?

Jury panels are summoned to appear at staggered times throughout the day. Please plan to be at the courthouse for the duration of the day.

What if I can't make it on the day you have assigned me?

Call the Jury Commissioner's Office and we will work with you to reasonably postpone your reporting date.

I have a medical condition which prevents me from serving what should I do?

Please provide a letter from your physician stating you cannot serve due to your medical condition and you will be excused from jury service.

Does my employer have to pay me?

Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) does not require your employer to pay your wage while you are on jury service, however, many do. Please consult with your supervisor or Human Resources representative to discuss.

Do you provide day care?

No. You will need to coordinate child care.