Electronic Filing

E-Filer Renewal Instructions

Second Judicial District Court
State of Nevada
Washoe County
Office of the Court Administrator
75 Court Street, Reno, NV 89520-3083
Alicia L. Lerud, Court Administrator and Clerk of Court

Your electronic filing account may be due for renewal. To avoid a disruption to the availability of your account, please follow the steps below and choose one of the two payment options listed below:

Electronic Filing Account Options


  • No fee per transaction at this time
  • Only access to case in which a person is an active party or an attorney of record
  • Electronic Service
  • Standard User Agreement


  • $300.00 fee per year - unlimited transactions
  • Global Case View: access to all public documents on all public cases
  • Electronic Service
  • Fee not waivable by Judges
  • Subscription User Agreement

Step 1. User Agreement

Choose the Account type that best suits your needs and fill out the corresponding user agreement.
(Next, complete either Step 2-A or Step 2-B)

Step 2-A. Submission and Payment

Send the completed 'Efile User Agreement' to:

Second Judicial District Court
Filing Office
75 Court Street
Reno, NV 89501

*For Subscription based accounts only* - Please include a $300.00 business check, cashier's check, or money order payable to the Second Judicial District Court along with the user agreement.

Step 2-B. Electronically File Agreement

Scan the signed document in Step 1, and electronically file the agreement to existing case number 'RENEW-2024B'. For this transaction, select the 'Others' document category along with document type: '$Efile Subscription Fee' and pay with a credit card if renewing as a subscription based account. If you are renewing your account, but would like a standard account instead of a subscription based account, please include a note in the 'Special Filing Instructions for the Clerk' box notifying the Filing Office of the change.


Alicia L. Lerud, Court Administrator and Clerk of Court