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Frequently Asked Questions

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You must contact the Court to schedule a hearing on your petition. Complete the citation to appear and email it to or bring to the Resource Center.
Contact to obtain a hearing date and time. Carefully follow court staff's instructions if additional steps are necessary.
After scheduling the hearing, petitioners must provide a copy of the file-stamped petition and citation to appear to the Protected Person, all relatives entitled to notice (surviving grandparents, parents, spouse, siblings, children, and grandchildren over 14), and Medicaid or the V.A. if the Protected Person receives benefits.

Protected Persons must be personally served with the petition and citation to appear by an adult over 18 who is not a party to the case at least 10 days prior to hearing.

Relatives can be served by mail with the petition and citation to appear at least 20 days prior to hearing. Double check the packet's instructions to verify if it must be by certified mail.

After the documents have been served, file the declaration of personal service and/or certificate of mailing into your case. This is what it means to file "proof of service."
Electronic filing is now mandatory in adult guardianships. Visit for more information. Staff is available to assist with electronic filing at the Resource Center, located on the 3rd floor of 1 South Sierra Street, Reno, NV 89501.
A petition must be filed. Then you must complete the citation to appear and email to The petition and citation to appear must be served on all persons and organizations required to be notified.
Visit There are a variety of petitions, including petitions to appoint guardian, petition to remove guardian, petition to resign as guardian, petition to relocate outside Nevada, and petition to terminate guardianship. Carefully review the forms to determine which one best fits your situation.
Devices are available at the Resource Center (775-325-6731) and the Law Library (775-328-3250) for public use. Be sure to call ahead for availability.
72-48 hours prior to hearing, the Zoom link will be posted on the Court's website under the Department's tab here:
Generally, yes. If the Protected Person is in a hospital, facility, or group home, guardians must make sure a staff member has the Zoom link.
Maybe. Visit the Washoe County Public Guardian's website for more information:
Court staff cannot provide legal advice, but important resources include the Guardianship Compliance Office (1-833-421-7711 or and Adult Protective Services (1-888-729-0571). Parties can also file an emergency motion into the case.
Alternatives to guardianship take place outside the court system and do not suspend important constitutional rights. Common less restrictive alternatives to guardianship include financial or healthcare powers of attorney, powers of attorneys for adults with disabilities, and supported decision-making agreements. More information is available here: