Dial-in information for Probate Hearings

  1. Dial (Toll-Free): 1-877-853-5247
  2. When prompted for a Meeting ID, dial: 219-682-836#
  3. If prompted, do not enter a Participant ID (just dial #).
  4. If possible, please mute your phone unless and until you wish to be heard.



Second Judicial District Court
75 Court Street, Room 125
Reno, NV 89501
(775) 328-3100

Probate Commissioner

Master Gorman Edmund J. Gorman, Jr., Probate Commissioner
Calendar for the Probate Commissioner

Probate Judge

Master Gorman The Honorable David A. Hardy, Probate Judge
Calendar for the Probate Judge


We do not provide forms for the following case types: Set Aside, Summary Administration, and General Administration. These are complex cases that you may want to file with professional help from an attorney. See our FAQs for how to find legal help.

You may also choose to use another court's probate forms as a template (e.g., Civil Law Self-Help Center Probate Forms). However, these forms need to be edited to comply with our local court rules or the case may be rejected.

Forms for Creditors

Forms for Hearings

Forms for Small Estates

When the Estate's assets have a gross value of $100,000 or less (spouse claimant only) AND does not include real property (e.g., house); or, is $25,000.00 or less (any other claimant), AND does not include real property (e.g., house). Thoroughly read and follow the rules for these forms. Any misuse of these forms may result in a criminal action.

Small Estates Affidavit (Do Not File with the Court)

Forms for Special Administration

In some instances, you may apply for appointment as a Special Administrator and for Letters of Special Administration (see NRS Chapter 140). This allows you to take certain actions with Court authority, but those actions and the results must be reported back to the Court in writing. Examples of actions allowed in a Special Administration include: entering property of the Decedent that you have been denied access to, discussing emergency financial matters with creditors or a mortgage company, and commencing a lawsuit on behalf of the deceased party. Special Administrations are temporary. A formal Petition to Administer the Estate will be required at a future date.

Forms for Discharge of Personal Representative (Administrator or Executor)


If you wish to Object to a filing in a Probate case, you may use this form as a template to do so.
Objection with Verification

General Forms

If none of the Petition templates above address your needs, then you may use this form as a template to request an Order from the court.
Petition with Verification

You must file a Request for Submission with each Ex Parte Motion and/or Ex Parte Petition.
Request for Submission

Pursuant to NRS 239B.030 (4) an affirmation form or statement must be included with each filed document, verifying that the document does not contain the social security number of any person.

To obtain a copy of a probate hearing recorded on JAVs (court audio-visual recording system), fill out the CD Requisition Form and submit to the Filing Office.
CD Requisition Form

To learn how the probate process works, read our Probate Flow Chart