Community Outreach

Request Tours

The Second Judicial District Court is pleased to announce an initiative to educate and support the public's understanding of the Nevada court system and its impact to the community. Through a collaborative effort with Court Administration and the Judicial Branch, the Second Judicial District Court is offering courthouse tours to various community groups including elected officials, visiting dignitaries from foreign countries, college and high school students, and community service groups. Based on each group's objectives and interests, courthouse tours will be carefully tailored to meet your specific educational needs.

How to Get Started

To begin, please complete the Courthouse Tour Request Form. Tours must be arranged at least one month in advance. Due to the limited space in the courtrooms, tour participants must be limited to no more than 40. All high school and middle school groups must be accompanied by chaperones.

Security Reminders

All persons entering the courthouse are subject to searches and security screening. These are necessary components to ensure that the District Court remains a safe environment. You should arrive at least 15 minutes early for your scheduled tour. This will allow for ample time to walk through the security check point. To expedite this process, please remove any items that could potentially be considered a weapon. Glass bottles and sharp objects, including knives and scissors, are not allowed. All weapons and contraband are prohibited.

Appropriate Conduct

Court Sessions begin promptly at the scheduled time. To ensure that you observe all aspects of the hearing process, it is important that you arrive on time. You will be participating in actual hearings the outcome of which will impact certain individuals. Therefore, please remember to be courteous by refraining from conversation, discontinue use of all electronics, and do not chew gum. Court hearings may be difficult at times, so please remember to control facial expressions and other body language.

Appropriate Attire

Your attire should reflect the dignity of the courtroom. Please do not wear shorts, sweats, hats or t-shirts with printed statements. Temperatures in the courtroom may fluctuate, so please dress accordingly.