× NOTE: In response to COVID-19, adult guardianship hearings are currently heard on Zoom. Please visit the Department 7 tab at Online Hearings - Washoecourts to access the Zoom link for your hearing. Parties represented by counsel should follow up with their attorney regarding additional hearing information.
× IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you need to set a hearing, complete your Citation and email AdultGuardianship@washoecourts.us. If you are exempt from electronic filing, you may still call 775-328-3135 for a hearing date and to obtain your Citation.

Adult Guardianships are handled by Department 7 of the Second Judicial District Court.

Adult Guardianship


Judicial Assistant:
Laura Watts-Vial - (775) 328-3158

Court Clerk:
Teresa Travers - (775) 328-3135


Guardianship Judge

Judge Walker The Honorable Egan Walker, Guardianship Judge
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Guardian Training

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Module 1 - Alternatives to Guardianship and Community Resources

Module 2 - Overview of Guardianships

Module 3 - Filing for Guardianship

Module 4 - Guardianship of the Person: Duties and Responsibilities

Module 5 - Guardianship of the Estate: Duties and Responsibilities

Module 6 - Property Management, Safekeeping Documents, and Payment of Fees

Module 7 - Tips and Resources for Guardians

Module 8 - Terminating the Guardianship and Resigning as Guardian