Pretrial Services: Supervision

Pretrial Manager

Angelina Wencke Angelina Wencke


  • Contact your supervising officer prior to a missed check-in or test to reschedule.

  • Relay any changes in your contact information as soon as possible. Reminders are dependent upon having correct contact information.

  • If you are planning on going into a treatment program or detox, you will need to advise your supervising officer prior to entry into the program. You will need to fill out a Release of Information so your supervising officer can confirm your compliance with the program. Your supervising officer will provide you with the form. An additional Release of Information that is specific to the program you enter may be necessary. Please be sure to include your pretrial officer on that form.

  • You may be required to check-in with your officer via Zoom. Please review the Zoom tips and guidelines:
    • If you are set up to receive text or email reminders, you can click on the meeting link that is sent you.
    • Make sure your environment is quiet to minimize distractions.
    • Dress properly – dress as if it is a face to face meeting.
    • For your privacy, make sure your aware of your surroundings.
    • Do not drive while reporting on Zoom.
    • Abstain from drinking alcohol or using drugs while checking in via Zoom.
    • Video and audio will need to be on during your Zoom check in. When connecting to the audio, you will need to select WIFI or cellular data to connect.
    • Text or call your supervising officer if you are having technical difficulties. They can assist you in getting connected.
    • See How to use Zoom on your Computer and Smartphone below.