Pretrial Services: Assessment

Pretrial Manager

Angelina Wencke Angelina Wencke

Contact and Hours of Operation

Contact Information


Washoe County Jail
911 Parr Blvd Reno, NV 89512


(775) 328-3001

Hours of Operation

24-hours a day*
7-days per week
* while we have staff scheduled for 24-hours a day, emergencies or unexpected leave may affect coverage.

The Pretrial Services Assessment Department works diligently with all six of the lower courts in Washoe County to provide timely, unbiased reports and the Nevada Pretrial Risk Assessment (NPRA) to the presiding judicial authority so he/she can make sound release decisions for qualified defendants. The Pretrial Services Officers facilitate administrative releases to qualified defendants prior to judicial review. They process public defender applications, run criminal histories, advise the court of pending holds, and rearrests, process court paperwork pertaining to bail, and request revocations for violations, and process after hour Temporary Protection Orders.