Pretrial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

When a person is arrested, when is their first court hearing if they remain in custody?

Within 72 hours after arrest (Monday - Friday).

What is the first appearance called?

For misdemeanor cases, it is called an Arraignment; for gross misdemeanor and felony cases, it is referred to as the Initial Appearance.

What occurs at the Arraignment (misdemeanors)?

Charges are read in open court and a plea is entered. For every defendant facing the possibility of jail time, appointment of counsel is made if granted by the court.

What occurs at the Initial Appearance (gross misdemeanors and felonies)?

Charges are read in open court, however a plea is NOT entered at this time. Appointment of counsel is made if granted by the court.

What does it mean when someone is released on their Own Recognizance (OR)?

This means he/she is released on his/her promise to appear in court for all future court dates and to not reoffend while on release; no bail money is due at that time.

What does it mean when a person is released on their Own Recognizance with Pretrial Services supervision?

If a person is released on their Own Recognizance, the judge may impose conditions of release, which means the arrestee/defendant must abide by set conditions to remain out of custody. Some examples may include random drug and alcohol testing, in-person and/or telephone check-ins, as well as proof of continuous employment/school.

How do I become a reference for someone who is requesting an Own Recognizance release?

You can contact the Pretrial Services office and/or appear in open court on the day of their Arraignment. The Washoe County Jail will share the next court date upon request.

What happens if a person who is being supervised by Pretrial Services is not compliant?

Their Pretrial Services Officer will provide a non-compliance report to the court. In some cases, recommendation is made to the court to revoke the defendant's Own Recognizance release, which if approved, would ultimately land the defendant back in jail.

Can I prearrange a release on my Own Recognizance for an active bench warrant(s)?

If you've been advised by a local court you have an arrest warrant, please contact the District Court Pretrial Services office at (775) 325-6600. A representative will obtain necessary information and assess your case for release.