Law Library

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Washoe County Law Library open to the public?

Yes the Law Library serves the courts, the bar, and the general public.

May I use my Washoe County Library Card to check out books from the Law Library?

No. The Washoe County Law Library is a separate institution from the Washoe County Library. To check out books from the Law Library you must have a law library circulation card. Library cards are distributed per the Patron Circulation Card Policy. Please find the library card application here.

How many days may I keep books checked out?

The loan period for all checked out materials is seven days. The due date is stamped in the book. Books not returned after seven days are considered overdue. The law library does allow renewal of books once for seven days if any overdue fees are paid. The library charges a fine of $1 a day/per book beginning the eighth day after a book has been checked out.

Does the library have a room for quiet research and study?

The boardroom at the law library may be used for quiet research and study Monday and Thursday from 8:00 - 5:00 pm, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:00-4:30 pm, and Friday from 8:00-12 pm when not reserved for other meetings. To find out about reserving the boardroom please review the Boardroom Policy and call the library at 775-328-3250.

Is the use of cell phones permitted in the Law Library?

No. Please turn your cell phone off or to vibration when entering the Law Library and step outside into the hallway should you need to use your cell phone.

Is there Wi-Fi access in the Law Library?

Yes, the court offers public Wi-Fi access.

Does the Law Library offer court forms?

Yes, the Law Library offers the same family and probate court forms that are available at the Self-Help Center. You can also print these forms for free from this website.

Are there any free legal services offered by the Law Library?

Yes, the Law Library offers a program called Lawyer in the Library, this program takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Please contact the Law Library for more information.

Can I speak to a judge?

The way you speak to a judge is through filing paperwork. Otherwise you can contact the department you're in about questions regarding your case.

How can I see what has been filed in my case.

You may review all documents filed in your case by logging on to your eFlex account. You may sign up for an eFlex account Here. If you need assistance setting up an account, please contact the Law Library at 775-328-3250. You may also view your court record at the Second Judicial District Court during regular business hours.

Can the Law Library or Self Help Center staff give legal advice?

No. The Law Library and Self Help Center cannot provide legal advice or do your legal research for you. Staff can assist with general information about court processes and family law procedures, information on legal resources available, and packets and forms for divorce, legal separation, annulment, custody, guardianships, motions, name changes and protection orders. Staff can also assist with access to public computers for court records and electronic filing.