Attending Court

Attending Court

All persons entering the courthouse are subject to search by the Sheriff. Search and screening is necessary to ensure proper court security. Please be sure to remove any items that could potentially be considered a weapon. Glass bottles and sharp objects, including metal forks, knitting needles, crochet hooks, scissors, etc. are not allowed. All weapons and contraband are prohibited.

Courtroom Rules

Welcome to the Second Judicial District Court. To ensure the courtroom and its participants are afforded due respect, the following rules must be observed.

Arrival time: Please arrive early to allow sufficient time for parking and to locate the correct courtroom.

Entering/Exiting the courtroom: If you do arrive after the proceeding begins, please enter the courtroom quietly and take a seat in the gallery with as little disruption as possible. If entering or exiting the courtroom while court is in session, please ensure that the door closes QUIETLY behind you.

Bailiffs: You must follow the bailiff's directions.

Talking: Please do not talk during the proceedings unless requested to do so by the judge.

Electronics: All electronics must be turned off prior to entering the courtroom. No phones, laptops, cameras, or any other electronic devices may be used in the courtroom without the judge's permission. This restriction includes taking pictures or videos.

Rising for the judge: When a judge enters or leaves the courtroom, please stand if you are able.

Eating/Drinking/Gum/Smoking/Vaping: Please do not chew gum, or bring food or drinks into the courtroom. Smoking/vaping is prohibited inside and within 50 feet of the entrance to any Second Judicial District Court facility.

Other noises: Please refrain from unnecessary movement, shuffling papers, or making other noises. It can be very difficult to hear during a proceeding and any additional noises can add to this challenge.

Dress code: The courtroom is a place of business. Dress should reflect the dignity of the courtroom and be business appropriate. Please do not wear tanks tops, hats, shorts, sweats, or flip flops. Sunglasses should be removed from your eyes and head. Please know that the temperature of the courtrooms may fluctuate.

Inmate contact: During a criminal proceeding, there may be inmates who are waiting for their turn with the judge. You should not communicate with the inmates in any manner, either verbally or nonverbally. Communicating with inmates violates the law. NRS 212.140; 212.150.

Weapons: No weapons of any kind are allowed.

Addressing the court: Parties should stand when addressing the court, unless otherwise advised. Please advise the judge if you have a physical impairment that would make standing difficult.

Bringing children to court: Children may be present in the courtroom as long as they are not disruptive. If they disturb the proceedings they must be removed from the courtroom. Parties with children may wait in the hallway if they have notified the bailiff ahead of time. Parties must notify the bailiff of their presence, case name and case number.

Please be advised the bailiff will enforce these rules. Violators may be removed from the courtroom.

Every day things occur in the courtroom that significantly impact people's lives. These events and the participants deserve our respect. Thank you in advance for your compliance with these important rules.