Foster Care Education

Performance Measures

Initiative to Improve Educational Outcomes With Foster Children

Input Measures of Capacity and Resources

  • Provide services to 100 individual advocacy cases each year
  • Involve 200 professionals in at least annual systems training opportunities each year
  • Convene at least quarterly policy development meetings
  • Successfully implement data collection in at least five of the targeted baseline data sets

Desired Effect and Impact on Dependent Children

  • Decrease in the number of school transfers
  • Decrease in the number of high school dropouts
  • Increase in the number of dependent children who go on to college or vocational training after high school
  • Decrease suspensions and expulsions from school
  • Decrease in repeating a grade

Quality Measures

  • Successfully conclude 75% of the advocacy cases
  • Earn an Above Average rating in training evaluations from 60% of the participants
  • 100% of the policies developed will be accepted by system authorities
  • Produce annual reports and analysis of baseline data and include in project evaluation