Foster Care Education

Goals and Objectives of the Model Court Education Initiative

Target Population

For individual advocacy, 100 adjudicated (NRS Chapter 432B) dependent children in Washoe County each year who attend local schools. For other objectives (systems training, policy development, data collection) the target population that will benefit from this work are all adjudicated dependent children in Washoe County.


The Initiative seeks a number of broad, long-term outcomes as a result of this project, including educational success, enhanced collaboration and communication between agencies and individuals serving dependent children, written policy guidelines between systems, and greatly improved data collection.


Each of the four major objectives of the Initiative has associated outcomes specifically described in the chart that follows.
  1. To provide individual educational advocacy services to address the needs of 100 dependent children each year in Washoe County through the work of a full-time Educational Liaison.
  2. To provide at least annual opportunities for systems training to a variety of disciplines involved in the education of dependent children in Washoe County.
  3. To provide staff support for ongoing inter-disciplinary policy development regarding educational issues of dependent children in Washoe County.
  4. To design a data collection system to more fully track educational needs and services provided to dependent children in Washoe County and assist in project evaluation.