Seminars on Video and DVD


Seminars listed below may be watched on video-on-demand by clicking any title below that has a link. Seminars are also available to patrons on CD or VHS and may be borrowed from the law library. After a new seminar is videotaped it may be several weeks before the newest video is made available on-line.






  • Basics of Living in a Homeowner's Assocation (2007). Speakers: Michael T. Schulman Esq. and Sara E. Barry CM CMCA PCAM.
  • Consumer's Guide to the Debt Collection Process (2007). Speaker: Thomas Brooksbank Esq.
  • What does the Probate Commissioner's Office do? (2007) Speaker: Linda Bowman Esq. Washoe County Probate Commissioner.


  • District Court Procedures: Both Civil and Criminal (2006). Speaker: Judge Jerome Polaha
  • Representing Yourself in Family Court (2006). Speaker: Muriel Skelly Esq.
  • The Residential Purchase Agreement: Buying or Selling a House (2006). Speaker: Melody Luetkehans Esq.
  • Roles and Responsibilities for Homeowners Associations (2006). Speakers: Sara E. Barry CAM CMCA PCAM.
  • Social Security Disability Law (2007). Speaker: Dennis Cameron Esq.


  • Consumer Construction From A-Z (2002). Speaker: Charles Woodman Esq.
  • Forming a Nevada Business (2002). Speaker: Michael Morrison Esq.
  • Presenting Your Small Claims Case: Justice Court Procedures (2007). Speaker: Hon. Barbara K. Finley.
  • Real Estate Predatory Lending (2004). Mark Krueger Sr. Deputy Attorney General Nevada Attorney General`s Office.
  • What to do When you Get Injured on the Job (2005). Speaker: Herb Santos Jr.

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