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Jury Commissioner's Office

Commissioner's Address:
Washoe County Courthouse
75 Court Street, Room 116
Reno, Nevada 89501
775-328-3188 fax
Kaili Lane
Jury and Interpreter Services Manager
E-mail Jury Manager

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Legal Exemptions PER NRS 6.020

Upon satisfactory proof, made by affidavit or otherwise, the following named persons, and no others, are exempt from service as grand or trial jurors:

While the Legislature is in session, any member of the Legislature or any employee of the Legislature or the Legislative Counsel Bureau; and

All persons of the age of 70 years or older are exempt from serving as grand or
trial jurors.

Peace officers, as defined per NRS 617.315 .

You must state on your questionnaire you wish to claim your age exemption, it is not given automatically.