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Adult Guardianship

Adult Guardianships are handled in Department 12, Family Division, Second Judicial District Court, 3rd Floor, 1 South Sierra, Reno, NV 89501

The District Court cannot give legal advice or assist the public in drafting petitions. Individuals who are proceeding without the assistance of an attorney, may contact the Self-Help Center to obtain guardianship packets that may assist in initiating or responding to a guardianship case. Self-represented litigants are responsible to familiarize themselves with law that is applicable to their case. The law library is available for public use during the following hours: 8:00am to 4:30pm; the Self Help Center is located at 1 South Sierra Street, First Floor, Reno, Nevada 89501.

Guardianships shall be heard every Tuesday in Courtroom 6 of the Family Division.

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The Honorable Frances Doherty, Guardianship Judge
Calendar for the Guardianship Judge

Administrative Assistant: Diana Zuccarini (775)328-3470
Court Clerk: Holly Lujan (775)328-3472

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Are you or someone you know thinking about filing for guardianship? If so, here are some options to consider before filing.

Guardianship Information Download Forms
Instructions for Guardians
Public Guardians General Acknowledgment
Adult Guardianship Flow Chart
Guardianship Training
Neighborhood Mediation Center
Adult Guardianship Case Initiation
Protected Person Bill of Rights
Account of Guardian
Adult Guardianship Physicians Certificate.pdf
AG-1 Petition for Emergency Guardianship
AG-2 Petition for Permanent Guardianship
Annual Report of Guardian
***Required Identification Sheet
Guardians Acknowledgment of Duties and Responsibilities Estate
Guardians Acknowledgment of Duties and Responsibilities Person
Guardianship Inventory Appraisal and Record of Value - Adult
Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Decisions
Statutory Form Power of Attorney
Nevada Physician Order for Life Sustaining Treatment
Durable Power of Attorney - Adults with Disabilities

***This must be completed and provided to the court in every guardianship case